Roland DJ-202: Features And OpinionRoland has three DJ controllers in its product line and DJ-202 is one of them. The others are DJ-505 and DJ-808.

Roland DJ-202 is an entry-level 2-channel, 4-deck Serato DJ controller which comes with pretty sophisticated functions and controls. It looks like in the beginner category, but does a lot more than that.

First of all, it does not miss most of the essential features and functions for basic DJ’ing like many others out there in the market. On top of that, the controller surface is full of pro-like controls and buttons which can easily enable you to perform professional gigs. What are those ? Let me explain in detail.



Jog Wheels


DJ-202 has large and ultra sensitive jog platters which are designed for scratching. You don’t usually see this size wheels on entry-level controllers. Outer ring is for search and bend, top is the touch-sensitive part. You get the Vinyl / Slip button on the side for different wheel modes. Roland claims that they have the lowest latency response. Also made with very high quality material.





Player decks on DJ-202 are no different than those expensive upper level DJ controllers. Transport controls, performance pads, SYNC and key lock buttons, FX controls, hot cue, loop, sequencer and sampler functions are all placed around the jog wheel. One thing about the player deck is the pitch sliders, they are short, not full-size. This may reduce the sensitivity of pitch and tempo control.





The mixer section has everything, even more than you need. 3-band EQ on each channel, kill switches, channel gain trim knobs, cue, headphone and sampler level controls, library browsing, deck load buttons, channel vu meters and the old-fashioned cross fader are what you get with DJ-202. Nothing less than a pro controller. Thumbs up for the mixer !





Roland DJ-202 is a USB powered controller which means it runs with your laptop’s juice. No power adapter. Easy to connect. Serato DJ Lite detects it and you’re set to go. What about audio output ? It has just one unbalanced RCA out for the main sound, no booth or balanced output. For an entry-level controller, it is normal. In addition to all these, DJ-202 also has a MIDI output for external performance devices to be used during DJ’ing. Now, this is something unique for a DJ controller.



Size And Weight


DJ-202 is not too small, not too big, but light. It is 18-7/8 inches (478 mm) wide, 11-3/4 inches (297 mm) deep and only 4 lbs 11 oz (2.1 kg). You can easily fit it in your backpack and carry. I would say DJ-202 is an ideal choice for mobile DJ’ing.



Final Verdict


Besides its more advanced brothers and sisters, Roland DJ-202 is a very well designed and built DJ controller for both beginners and professional DJs. It combines the essentials of DJ’ing features and functions with Roland’s legendary sound effect technology and creativity. Also very affordable, you can check its current price tag on Amazon by clicking here.




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