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 My Personal Note: I watched all 10 videos on this set. I frequently had a little smile on my face and said, ” That’s right, he got right on the point “. I am an experienced DJ. But if I were to be a beginner, I’d have learned a lot from it. 


Digital DJ Tips




” How can I learn to be a DJ ? ”

A question running in your mind and hunting your dreams. You have so much passion for music, feel you have the skills and talent and want to show it to others, but don’t know where to start and how to learn.

You have a day job, barely have time to spare for attending any activity to educate and improve yourself. How is it gonna happen ?

What do you say we have a solution for all your questions and worries about learning how to DJ ?

Digital DJ INFO overviewed one of the most popular and 1000’s selling online digital DJ video course program for you and will explain the true facts and reasons about why it will be the right choice for all beginners in DJ’ing.

Yes, we’re talking about Digital DJ Tips.

With almost 250,000 visitors a month, this website and the online video course it offers are surely an authority recognized by leading names in this industry and most top DJs.

Let’s open a paragraph for the founder, Phil Morse. A very experienced enthusiast of DJ world who’s been in the scene since his teen age years. He played music in various venues in Europe and was the DJ at top clubs during his career. He’s still actively performing gigs and loves sharing his knowledge and experience with others.



Online DJ Course

Digital DJ’ing ? Why ?


Because digital is the future. You can not separate it from anything in your life.

It’s creative. You can perform digitally better than analog. Just compare regular CD players with DJ software. How many functions are there on the old-fashioned equipment that software has ?

It’s light weight. Carry it to anywhere ! it takes only a backpack to handle all your DJing stuff.

It’s lightening fast. Reach your music in no time. Everything is all on your laptop’s screen.

It’s better organizable. Sort and list your tracks in many different ways. Make playlists.

It integrates with your mobile devices. Use them to store you music and connect to digital DJ equipment.

It costs less. You pay only for one device instead of two players and a separate mixer.

It stays home with you, right on your desk. Practice anytime you want. Connect either to your desktop or laptop.

It’s convenient. Whether you play a club gig or a private party, just take your laptop and controller and hook into the sound system. That’s it ! No big, complicated setups, no wires hanging around, no spending hours to set up and break down your tools.

Best of all, it’s easier to learn DJing with digital gear.

And many more to count ..



Online DJ Course

What’s Good In It For Me ?


Let’s highlight the benefits of Digital DJ Tips online video course.

* You will learn different digital DJing methods and which one is the right choice for you to start with.

* It will show you how to spend your money wisely on equipment and how not to waste cash.

* You will know how to find digital music and learn to build a digital DJ’s music library.

* It’ll teach you the real beatmatching methods.

* You will learn authentic pro mixing technics.

* It will show you how to use loops, ques, effects and keylocking.

* You will learn about what’s in a professional DJ booth, how to get ready for your first gig and how to set up your gear there.

* It’ll teach you how to look, act and sound like a real Pro DJ.



Online DJ Course

What Is The Course Content ?


Here are the titles and the description of all ten videos included in this program ;

Video 1: The right route to take (10 min)

Video 2: What gear you need (38 min)

Video 3: Getting the music (40 min)

Video 4: Your DJ controller (13 min)

Video 5: Your first mix (10 min)

Video 6: Beatmatching I (18 min)

Video 7: Beatmatching II (25 min)

Video 8: Beatmatching III (19 min)

Video 9: Six classic mixes (26 min)

Video 10: Tips and tricks (47 min)



Online DJ Course

This package is ideal for those who are interested in being a DJ using digital gear and unable to spend time for extra classes or courses. You can set your own hours and days of the week to watch the videos and practice.

It is also detailing all the aspects of digital DJing and making it really easy to understand even for beginners with few or no knowledge or idea.

Digital DJ Tips has a 60 day money back guarantee on this full featured DJ video course in case you are not satisfied with it.

You can buy it for $97 with life time access to all ten videos. Click here for more information on Digital DJ Tips official website.



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