If you are searching for the best DJ controller for your budget, I have a list for you below. You’re right, controllers are not cheap but there are pretty good options in the market that you can buy for under $500 and still DJ like a pro. I selected 5 top-brand DJ controllers which can also be used for professional purposes.

Here we go, the best DJ controllers of 2018 you can get for under $500.





2-Deck Controller For Serato / Steel Chassis / Compatible With Other Software

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4-Channel Mixing / Serato Included / Full Size Pitch Sliders / LCD Displays On Jogwheels

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Portable 2-Channel Controller / Serato Intro / Performance Pads / 4-Deck Mixing

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2-Channel / Plug N Play / Serato Intro / Large Jog Wheels / Built-in Sound Card

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2+1 Channel DJ System / Traktor Software / FX Functions / Compatible With iOS Devices

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Denon MC4000


One of the best DJ controllers for your money. MC4000 carries real pro-level features and functions which are offered on real expensive DJ gear. Ultra durable and long-lasting. Touch activated jog wheels, 100mm pitch sliders, balanced booth output, dedicated FX controls are among some of the great options you get with this quality Denon DJ controller. Fore more info, visit the official product page.



Numark Mixtrack Platinum


A best-seller Numark DJ controller. Ideal for beginners. 4-channel mixing capability, colored LCD displays on each jog wheel, multi-function touch strip for FX controls, full-size pitch sliders are some the features Mixtrack Platinum offers. It is light and easy to carry. You can put your laptop away and perform like a pro. Please visit the official website for more information.



Pioneer DDJ-SB2


Great company, great product. DDJ-SB2 is the No.1 seller among all DJ controllers. Very light and portable. DDJ-SB2 comes with Serato DJ Lite in the box. Large jog wheels, 4 performance pads on each deck, manual filter on both channels are some of the features and functions of Pioneer DDJ-SB2. For more, go to the official web page.



Numark Mixtrack Pro 3


Not as equipped as Platinum, but Mixtrack Pro 3 will also do the job, especially for beginner and bedroom DJs. It is a plug and play controller which means you just connect via USB and it’s ready to go. Mixtrack Pro 3 has a built-in sound card, 5 inch metal jog wheels, 100mm pitch sliders, 16 performance pads for the best DJing experience. You wanna know more, please visit their website.



Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2


Kontrol S2 MK2 by Native Instruments is a nice portable DJ controller which is also compatible with your iPhone and iPad. It has two decks, high resolution jog wheels, mixer section with 3-Band EQ and also charges your iOS device while DJing. This is nice ! S2 MK2 comes with Traktor Pro 2 software in the box. For more information, please visit the official product page.






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