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        10 Essential Rules Of “Being a Pro DJ”

  • First of all, beware that you are a major factor for that party to blast or turn into a fiasco, and prepare yourself accordingly.
  • Have a unique style (not the tunes you choose to spin, the way you perform). Don’t worry, practice enough and it’ll shape up automatically. Try not to copy other DJs, be yourself. People find the same drinks,same dance floor,same waiters and waitresses anywhere they go, but not the DJ.
  • Try to rehearse your gig the night before and live thru it in your mind. Feel the passion and excitement as you would in the DJ booth. Pick songs in order and create a playlist on your computer DJ software and save it. When you’re a beginner, believe or not, it’ll save you a lot of hassle and stress.
  • NEVER EVER play hit songs or remixes early in the night even if hot girls come to you and insist ! This is the biggest mistake you’d do and kill the vibe at that very moment for the rest of your gig. People expect to hear their favorites after they get into mood and it happens late.
  • Balance the music rhythm and tempo throughout the night. Especially if it is a club open to public, you should know that the owner expects a high sales report at the end. This means you’d be working for the bar as well as pleasing guests. Do you know what makes people drink more and spend more at a disco ? Of course music ! Don’t pump the vibe up non stop with hit songs all the time. Take it down periodically so they can go get another drink and take a breath.
  • Stay away from consuming too much alcohol. You’ll be offered a lot of it ! Have a drink or two, but never get drunk. Otherwise, your DJ‘ing carrier may be at risk. Avoid gigs you will regret.
  • NEVER panic ! There will be moments that your legs are shaking, but don’t worry. There is always a way out and you’ll eventually find it. Even if you make a mistake or a wrong move, pretend it’s all good. As long as your night is a success most of the gig, they will forgive those moments.
  • VERY IMPORTANT ! Perform your gig as professional as possible from the minute you start till the last second you switch it off. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WATCHES YOU. Don’t assume the night is done before everybody leaves.
  • Try to play songs they request if you have them in your library, but don’t do it right away, let some time go first.
  • Get professional training courses to be a better DJ. You’ll find information about online DJ courses and tutorials on our website.


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