DJ T-ShirtBefore answering this question, I traveled a bit through the net and wanted to see what other DJs do and if they agree with me.

Yes, they do. The most common way of clothing for a DJ is shirts, jeans and sneakers.

Of course, I’m not writing this post only to tell you this. Let’s expand the topic and talk about what and how a DJ should choose to wear.

First things first ! You need to have your own unique style and stand out in a crowd since appearance plays quite a role on a DJ’s reputation as well as the quality of his music.

A typical DJ stands on foot 5 to 6 hours for a regular gig, therefore he needs to be in a comfortable setting. Clothing is a part of it. Try to wear orthopedic shoes that will not give you pain.

Some of you may prefer collared shirts. Not recommended ! Keep in mind, your headphones will be hanging over your neck all the time and it’ll ruin the collar. Best is a simple t-shirt or a nice sweatshirt if cold.

Speaking of cold weather, no matter what the temperature is outside, it’s always warm in a club or bar, especially in a room packed with people.

Don’t try to bundle up. Later in the night, you may feel like getting naked 🙂

If you’re interested in special DJ clothing, there are online sources like Hot DJ Gear or Amazon that you can buy from.

At Hot DJ Gear, you can choose from a wide selection as well as creating your own shirt design.

For private parties or weddings, it’s a whole different ball game. You need to put your style away.

Definitely talk to the person in charge of organizing the event. You don’t wanna end up wearing a shirt and jeans where everybody else is in suits or tuxedos.

I guess you got the idea. Be casual, but stylish and comfortable. Else is all up to you.


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