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Pioneer has always been the leading brand name in professional DJ equipment production scene. Anything released by them is an inspiration for others. Quality and functionality is their number one priority.

Most night clubs and mobile DJs use Pioneer players, mixers and controllers.

Back in August 2012, they came up with a “one of a kind” product called “XDJ-AERO” which is mainly to be used with a wireless connection to smart devices and also laptop computers.

When the concept of digital DJing was first build, there were only computers used to perform, regular CD players running time coded CDs sending signals to software and controlling it.

Later on, combined devices popped up called “Digital Media Players”. You can play CDs, drag music from USB flash drives and run the software on your laptops simultaneously. I always find such equipment more efficient compared to the classic gear.

And now, we are witnessing another revolution changing all parameters with how you can combine all of your sources to be a DJ.

Pioneer made a wise decision not ignoring the fact that smart devices take a crucial role in people’s lives and invented a wireless digital DJ controller that you can use your Iphone, Ipad and Ipod like goodies to connect and stream your tunes in and mix.

XDJ-AERO doesn’t need a laptop to operate. There is a special application you install on your mobile device and WI-FI enables them to communicate.

It’s up to you if you wanna connect it a laptop or USB storage, it is possible too.

It creates its own wireless access spot to obtain seamless connection.

Another feature I like is that you can record your mix sets directly to the USB storage device while performing. Most DJs know how essential that is.

Pioneer XDJ-AERO is also a stand alone 2 channel mixer with analog audio inputs. This means you can use it with regular CD players and even turntables.


As a final word, Digital DJ INFO highly recommends this high-tech Pioneer DJ product to anybody searching for the best to start their DJing career.

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