What To Do Before You Start A GigBeing a real professional and having principles in DJ business brings a definite success. I know, it’s all about entertainment but you sometimes need to isolate yourself from that scene and follow rules in order to complete your gig without any glitches or hiccups. I am not telling you to act like a soldier there, don’t get me wrong 🙂 Find your own way of starting a gig so that you’d be safe and trouble-free during the night.

I’m sure every DJ follows his own steps before starting a gig, today I will tell you mine. What I do and what I don’t, Let’s begin.


Be There Early


I always give myself extra enough time to get to the venue and be there. Half hour to 45 minutes, even an hour before the start time. I hate rushing things and want to relax a bit before the gig and focus on my performance. There may also be some difficulties about the set up process, like the space in the DJ booth, power and sound connections that you need help from the staff over there. All these consume time. Imagine yourself stepping in 15 minutes before you start and face with a bunch of problems like those. Stress, stress and more stress. So, be there early.


Right Spot In The DJ Booth


Either they show you where to place your gear or you do it yourself. Try to be close to the mixer you will connect to and the power outlets. Your cables may not be long enough to reach if you stay away from them. Always have a laptop stand like Pyle PLPTS55 in order to save space and have your screen right in front of you above the controller. Don’t forget, most DJ booths are small and do not offer you a lot of room.


Secure All Cables


Do not leave any cable loose around, especially on the floor. There will always be somebody getting in and out of the DJ booth, like the staff or your friends, even customers trying to show some love to you 🙂 They can trip over those cables and drag all your stuff onto the floor, cut the sound and power in the middle of the night. You can use duct tape, cause it is strong, or just wire them following the corners of the booth so that nobody can reach.


Check The Sound And Your Equipment


This is important. Your hardware – software combination may be running with no problems at home, but when they go somewhere else, they may start acting up on you. Software not recognizing the controller, tracks not loading on the decks, no sound coming out of your audio card all of a sudden, decks freezing. I am telling all these by experience. Don’t just assume they are fine and wait until the last minute. After you connect, load the decks and press the start button, make sure everything is fine. See the volume level indicators jumping up and down.

I also make sure the sound on the dance floor is good by stepping out of the booth and going down there. What people hear is different from what you get in the DJ booth. Before you start the gig, play a song, turn the volume up reasonably and take a walk on the dance floor, and do it before customers come in. See if it is distorted or not. This will also help you adjust your EQ settings, like too much bass or little mid and treble.


If you follow these steps and maybe more of what you think is helpful, I guarantee that you will have the least problems on the technical side during your gig. One more advice, be calm and relax. Always keep in mind that your energy and looks will determine the success of the night.




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