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It’s that time of the year again ! The most popular post of all times on Digital DJ INFO website.

Who doesn’t like free stuff ? I know we all do. That’s why we carefully selected the best free and open source DJ mixing software for Mac and PC out there for our readers.

In addition to our 2013 list, there will be few more which I think you guys would like to try and use.

Below is the list of 10 best digital DJ control programs for your convenience. Enjoy.


1. Serato DJ INTRO


Serato-DJ-INTROIt sounds hard to believe, right ? Serato has a free edition.

The basic version of Serato with limited features and functions is compatible with Denon, Numark, Pioneer, Reloop and Vestax controllers.

All you need to do is visit their official product page, enter your email address, select the controller model and wait for the download link in your mailbox.

Keep in mind that it only supports Windows Vista and 7 on PC platform, also Mac OS.

Please read the minimum system requirements before you decide to use it.


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2. Mixxx


Mixxx-DJ-SoftwareThis is one of the best free DJ software you can have. It’s open source and fully featured.

Itunes integration, compatibility with most DJ controllers, sync and recording are some of this great software’s features.

Please visit their website for more info and download instructions.



3. PartyCloud.fm



Here is your chance to mix 20 million songs !

Partycloud is different from the others. How ? Let me explain.

It’s browser-based, no downloads needed. Instant start for DJ’ing.

The music database comes from SoundCloud with 20 million choices. You naturally need an internet connection to perform.

All you need is type the song name in the search box.

Despite these great features, PartyCloud is limited in terms of being controller friendly. Only one controller is fully mapped for it which is Mixvibes U-Mix Control.

It’s your choice. if you like Partycloud, go ahead and buy the Mixvibes controller.

Visit PartyCloud website for more details.





4. Virtual DJ Home Edition



This is the free home edition of #1 DJ software in the world.

We didn’t put it in the first position. The reason is that the home edition is pretty limited for controller usage.

You have only 10 minutes with your controller and after that keyboard is in charge.

Like most free versions, Virtual DJ Home Edition also comes with lack of full functionality.

Please visit their official product page for more information and download.

You always have the option to upgrade to full version for a fee.






This might be a good choice if you want to use it at home just for practicing.

DJ Prodecks is controlled only with keyboard, other than that it’s fully featured.

Latest version is also compatible with Windows 8. Automix is one of the features of DJ Prodecks.

Please visit their website for more details and download instructions.



6. Blaze



Blaze is a completely free and non commercial DJ software developed by hobby DJs.

Features include but not limited to sync, BPM detection, looping and more.

You can use Blaze with your controller and customize the mapping.

Visit their website for details.



7. DJ ProMixer



Free version of DJ ProMixer has an audio setting limitation of 10 minutes, other than that it’s fully functional.

Good news is, you can upgrade to full version for a small fee, 1.99 €.

It has interesting features like downloading and converting videos from YouTube to MP3, complete audio setup including ASIO support, automix and more.

DJ ProMixer is also compatible with 22 controllers including Pioneer, Numark, Denon, Vestax, Reloop, Hercules, Ion and Behringer models.

Please visit their website and get all the details about this great product.


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8. UltraMixer



#8 on our list is another demo version of pro DJ software.

In fact, you have options on this one. Either the Pro Demo version with full functions for 60 minutes and a restart (you can repeat this as much as you want), or a previous free version with only keyboard control. it’s your choice.

UltraMixer comes with lots of features that you would find on other major DJ software.

Go ahead and visit their website to find out how you can download it.



9. KraMixer



KraMixer is quite simple and for mostly home use. It doesn’t seem to be MIDI compatible as there are no settings for it.

Only keyboard I guess. But hey, it’s free, so worth a shot.

Here is the official website for the download link.



10. Zulu DJ Software



This is the last pick of our free DJ software list in 2014.

Zulu is free to use, but no MIDI controller support yet.

It has features like automatic beat detection, real-time pitch and tempo adjustment, sync between decks, effects, recording mixes and saving as audio file and more.

If you choose to try Zulu, here is the website link.




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