What You Should Know About Club DJ’ing


Club DJ'ing | Digital DJ INFOBeing in a club DJ booth is the ultimate goal for all of us. It’s a temple of music and sound ! Especially if it’s a popular venue with a packed dance floor. Sounds exciting, right ?

We assume you’re skilled enough and have the right connections for a club gig. You prepared yourself, equipment and all the tunes for the night. What do you need next ? How will you handle a 6 hour stream of music to please the audience and the boss ?

Here we go ! 5 important tips about being a good club DJ. Pay attention to these as much as the tracks you play for the night.


Check The Sound Quality


This is what you need to do at the very beginning of the night. Start the music and step out to the dance floor. Don’t worry, you’ll have enough time for that, only a minute.

Stand in the middle of the club and listen to the sound. How is it ? Too low or too high, distorted ? How is treble and bass ? Does it need any adjustment ?

Keep in mind, what you hear in the booth and what is actually on the floor is different. There is always a delay in sound you hear, also difference in base and high frequencies because you fall behind the speakers.

Try not to turn the volume high early in the night, since you’ll need it at later stages. It comes to a point, let’s say at 2 am, that you top it off and can’t go higher ! After that, distortion kicks in and kills the ear.

If there’s somebody assisting you during your gig, ask him to check the volume from time to time. It’ll be useful also.


Read The Crowd


Observing your audience is essential in order to success. It’s ok if you don’t know what they would like at the beginning. Of course as a DJ, you should be following all the popular genres and build your library accordingly.

Start the night with preferably some down tempo and non-hit tracks. Follow with more upbeat songs with energetic rhythm and see if you get a good reaction. See what type of audience you have and change the genre if necessary. In a short time, you’ll know what goes best for the night.

Always look around and check the vibe. Never keep your head down and isolate yourself from what’s happening on the floor.


Balance Energy


Music determines the flow during a club gig.

Socializing is as demanding for audience as dancing with high energy. It’s the DJ’s job to give them the opportunity to take a breath, have a drink and communicate with others. (Others = Girls for boys, boys for girls 😉 )

Divide your gig into 1/2 hour segments. Increase the energy with hit songs and then slow it down. They will fill the dance floor and discharge a lot of energy, then need a break in between.

Having these slow downs will also help the bar make more sales. The boss loves it !


Communicate With Staff


They always know everything !

Be in touch with waiters and bartenders if you can. They hear a lot from customers and tell you what the feedback for your DJ’ing is. They see a lot more than you do, check the pulse for the night and may give you advice.

A good bartender friend also means convenience when you need drinks ! They’ll take care of you 😉


Benefit The Establishment


Making profit is the basic of every commercial entity. So is a Night Club.

Never forget that you are there to provide the best music bringing the best sales along. As long as customers are happy, they will spend more and more.

Follow the steps we explained above. They are all tested and proven advice for being a successful club DJ.

We hope this article has the answers for some questions in your mind. If not, let us know by commenting below.



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