Pioneer Announced DDJ-1000Pioneer DJ just announced a new premium Rekordbox DJ controller, DDJ-1000.This one comes with ” First Time ” features for the industry leading company.

DDJ-1000 is a 4-channel digital DJ controller which is designed and manufactured for the Pioneer’s software ” Rekordbox “. It is an absolute pro-level device with size, functions and also price. Not beginner or mid-level at all. Let’s find out what DDJ-1000 has to offer to its users.

DDJ-1000 inherits most of its features and layout from the CDJ-DJM series which would be a big convenience for CD DJs who want to convert to digital. Being relatively smaller and lighter than DDJ-RZ and DDJ-SZ2, DDJ-1000 might be the ultimate choice for mobile DJs for being portable and easier to carry.

The most noticeable change on this controller is the customizable colored LCD displays in the center of each jog wheel. You see whatever you choose, either BPM, waveform, playback position, hot cue or loop points. This is a first-time feature for Pioneer DJ controllers which I think is a bit late, since Numark has been using this feature for quite some time. Jog displays are always a big advantage for the user which means less destruction from the laptop screen.

The mixer section is stand-alone and can be operated without software by connecting external players and turntables using the 4 separate line / phono switchable input ports in the back of the unit. DDJ-1000 also has two audio outputs (balanced / unbalanced), one booth out and two mic inputs. Oh, before I forget, dual USB ports to connect two laptops for simultaneous 2-DJ performance 🙂

Full-size jog wheels and pitch sliders, the new improved Magvel fader with more than 10 million movement life cycle, FX section including over 10 effects both new and most popular from DJM series, automix, performance pads triggering pad FX, beat jump, keyboard mode and key shift are among several features and functions offered by the new Pioneer DDJ-1000.

Pioneer also claims that DDJ-1000 is the company’s lowest latency DJ controller.

This new Pioneer digital DJ controller is expected to be on shelves in January 2018 with  $1199 MSRP. You can get more information by visiting the official product page.



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