September is the month for BPM, one of the biggest and most comprehensive DJ exhibitions and showcases in the world.

This year, it’s between Sept. 13 and 15 in Birmingham, UK. Almost every major DJ equipment brand and manufacturer is there.

We’ll take a look at one of them, Numark which is introducing its newest products for both audio and DJ gear.

You know, Numark has expanded its market share and product line in the near past by joining forces with Denon DJ and releasing game changing controllers like the Numark NV as we shared with you in our previous posts.

Today at BPM, let’s see what’s new.



  Numark NV


Numark NV: Intelligent Digital Controller For Serato DJIt has been announced before but this is the first time public had the chance to take a close look at the new NV in Europe.

What makes it different from others is the dual full color displays on both decks making it possible to fold your laptop and tuck it away. Serato DJ is the juice and NV brings it visually right onto your controller without the need of looking at your computer’s screen.

Not only the display feature, NV carries great functions like the NS7 II including touch sensitive FX knobs, Serato Flip controls, performance pads and more.

NV should be available with a price tag of $699 very soon.






Numark-NDX-500If you’re into a compact player / controller combo, this might be it, Numark NDX500.

Looking just like a traditional CD player, NDX500 is capable of playing CDs, MP3 CDs, USB flash drives and acting as a MIDI controller for your DJ software.

It is mapped for Serato DJ which is sold separately and comes with touch sensitive jogwheels for precise search and scratch controls.

For DJs who prefer to stick with their CDs and want the option of computer access on the side, NDX500 might be a good choice with its compact size and great features.




HF Series Headphones


Numark announced 3 separate DJ headphones with different options. The collapsible HF150, on-ear HF325 and over-ear  HF350.

If you want the compact size and portability, go for HF150, for studio grade acoustics and punchy bass get the HF325 or HF350 for real pro DJ performance and the complete ear covering size.

In my opinion, which headphones you choose is totally up to your needs and how you feel comfortable with them.

I personally like the big over-ear cups in order to hear my preview without the interruption of external loud noise.





N-Wave 360 Powered Desktop DJ Monitors


This comes for home DJ setups and bedroom DJs, the new N-Wave 360.

Powered speakers are convenient and easy to use at home. No need for separate amplifiers.

These 2-way 60 Watt speakers might be a perfect audio source for you in your room, on your desk by occupying reasonable space.

N-Wave 360 has RCA input, volume control in the front, a bass boost switch and an external subwoofer out all built in a custom wooden cabinet for optimized sound.

They are also magnetically shielded to prevent any interference with other electronic equipment nearby.



All these new Numark products will take space on shelves this fall with great features and reasonable price tags. If you’re in Europe and have the chance to stop by and visit BPM, you still have one more day folks.


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