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If there is ever one thing you fall one step behind as a digital DJ, that would be the sound quality compared to CDs and Vinyl. Actually we should say ” something you need to prioritize “.

Thanks to today’s advanced technology, it is possible to convert music into digital format with very little loss in quality. By choosing the best audio file types, you can get really close to a sound level which human ear can not tell the difference. How do we do this ? Let’s explain ..

Especially for beginners, we strongly advice a careful start with building their music collection. This is important, because there will be no way back to improve its quality unless you replace them.

There are two very common audio file formats, mp3 and wav. Almost all software programs recognize them.

What is the difference between these two ?

Mp3 is a compressed music file which some data from the original is eliminated without compromising the quality of sound. It has various encoding levels. Less it gets, smaller the file is and also the audio quality.

Wav format has no compression which means lossless audio transformed into digital platform. Naturally the file size may go up to ten times larger than mp3 files.

Here is an example.. A single track converted digitally is 40 MB as wav file and 4 MB in mp3 format which is encoded 128 kbps (called CD quality). See the difference in file size ? The reason is that nothing is given up on a wav file.

We advice DJs to build their library with the highest quality possible by using the wav file type, so that they can reach to analog sound quality levels. Since it may require more space on your storage, try to have sufficient GBs on your hard disks.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using mp3 format. In that case, follow these steps.

If you rip your CDs, set it to at least 256 kbps encoding level. 320 kbps is highly recommended since it reaches a sound level that only frequencies you can’t hear are taken out. By this way, you would have higher gain levels you can boost connecting to sound systems.

Converting existing mp3 to a different encoding size will not make any difference in quality. That’s why we pointed out to why it’s important to do this from the beginning.

If you buy music online, choose known and reliable sources similar to iTunes or Beatport. You can trust the sound quality of ¬†these websites’ track files.

Always keep in mind. Audio quality always plays a big role on your DJing reputation and sets the standards of entertainment you provide.

Music is no fun unless it sounds good !



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