Very true facts about why DJ fees are high for performances


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There may be a false prejudgment about why DJs charge a lot to perform at a club or any private event for the time being spent for the job.

Let’s make this clear.. Yes, DJs charge a lot for their performances. Compared to other professions, our per hour earnings seem to be unreal.

I hear you saying ” Easy money.. Go there, push the play button, pretend to work, drink, have fun and CHARGE AN ARM AND A LEG for it”.

No, my dear visitors… There is a flip side to that coin when you put yourself in our shoes.

What does the flip side say ?

Believe or not, being a DJ is much more about passion and love of music and self dedication to entertain, bring happiness to others than making big bucks, getting rich.

Of course all these are not enough to pay the bills, so there needs to be reasonable compensation for services given.

Let’s take a look at all the reasons causing high DJ fees.

DJs ;

  • Unfortunately do not get paid vacations
  • Do not get sick days
  • Get no bonuses for extraordinary performances
  • Have no insurance coverage paid by the employer
  • Are not eligible for unemployment benefits
  • Give up on their families and loved ones on special days just to make others happy
  • Don’t have the luxury of being sick not to show up for performance or any other personal issues. Job has to be done.
  • Work for people’s most important moments in their lives (ie weddings) and everything has to be perfect.

So, if you come up with the same thoughts again, reconsider why being a DJ is not a an easy job and they charge high fees to perform.



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