Easiest Way To Have Your First DJ Gig



Have you ever played a gig or DJ’d in public ?
I will tell you about a perfect way to test your skills and get the chance to a real live practice opportunity. House parties.If the answer is no, then keep reading.

I know that some of our readers have DJ’ing in their minds as just a hobby and no intention of pursuing it as a career.

It doesn’t really matter what being a DJ means to you, the point is how you will turn it into something that others would enjoy and compliment you on your achievement.

It may take a while, even a long time for most beginners to play public gigs. You need to be ready in terms of musical archive, DJ skills, equipment, publicity and other things I don’t count here.

It also takes a lot of courage to stand in that DJ booth in front of a huge crowd.

So, how will you overcome all these and press the play button in front of people expecting to have fun ?

The answer is a house party. Let me tell you why.

First of all, it’ll be all your friends there. So, no or least stress and pressure on you. It’s ok if you make mistakes.

Since you don’t get paid, might as well be part of the party and enjoy it too while you play.

My first ever gig was a house party back in 2000 in upstate New York. I had no equipment that time. Just an mp3 player and a jukebox. That was one hell of a party, totally unplanned for me to play the music. People had a huge blast that night with my tunes. What I learned from my first gig was that good music counts, nothing else.

You can do the same. Throw a party at your house or a friend’s. Offer your DJ’ing services to others for their own gatherings.

A regular sound system like a home theatre combo would be enough for you. If needed, you can rent a small PA system, that’s possible too.

Grab your laptop, iPad and controller, connect it to the sound and press the play button.

Embarrassment has no room in being a DJ. Never worry that you’ll make mistakes and fail. Failure will eventually turn into success.

If you need technical help, go ahead and read our other posts about getting your music, organizing it, optimizing your laptop, how to choose the right music and so on.

Just do it and let a house party be your gateway into the world of DJ’ing !




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