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Although it varies depending on what type of DJ you are (mobile, club, wedding etc) and what country or region you work, we will give you rough estimates of DJ salaries based on US market conditions.

Let’s say you just became a DJ. Best way is to find a promoter who can bring gigs to you. In that case, you may share earnings with him and make somehow less than you would by yourself (commissions).

Average pay for a regular club DJ ranges between 100 to 500 dollars a night according to your experience and reputation.

Well known DJs or specialized ones (ie. ethnic) might go little higher than that.

You may very well increase your pay by preparing CDs for your recorded mix sets and sell them at your gigs. There is always demand for quality DJ music.


Wedding DJs are on top of our salary list. Of course there is more investment required in being a mobile DJ which is sound and lighting equipment.

We are talking about 5,000 to 10,000 dollars spent to build a nice system including speakers, lights, cables, controllers etc.

If you decide to go mobile and do weddings, your income will raise significantly parallel to your investment.

Pay range is between 600 to 3000 dollars per event, again depending on the special circumstances, your reputation and how much time you spend there.

Private parties and weddings are calculated by the hour you serve and there is usually a minimum charge.


We recommend all DJs to promote themselves via social platforms and connect to more people and increase their chances for  better gigs and higher income.



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