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It may seem confusing and complicated for those who will take their first step into the magic world of DJ’ing.

So many choices to select from, quality and durability issues, features, functions and many more..

Please take a look at the picture on the left. How many pieces do you see ?

That’s all you need to prepare your digital DJ setup. 5 pieces of hardware and software included.

Let’s start detailing a complete combination of tools to make you start moving towards being a digital DJ.


Laptop Computer


This is one of the major parts of your setup. You may already have one in your possession and very well use it for this purpose. We explained how you can optimize your laptop for digital DJ’ing in a previous post.

As mentioned in that post, we highly recommend a MacBook since the OS is more reliable. Also a well optimized PC laptop will do the job. Either way, almost all DJ software programs have versions for both platforms. So this is not even an issue.

Buy a laptop suitable for your budget or use your existing one. What you need to be aware is that old computers with low specs may not be good for running DJ software. Again, please refer to our post about optimization.


Best Free DJ Software For Beginners In 2016


DJ Controller


Choosing the right digital controller all depends on your budget and what you expect from it. Price range is between $100 and $2000 US.

There are beginner type controllers with fewer features that are to be preferred if you look for affordable hardware. Hercules and Numark offer quality and reliable equipment with low prices.

If you want a pro DJ controller, then go for Pioneer, Denon or Native Instruments. We suggest you to get one with enough functions to be efficient also for experienced DJs, so you don’t have to replace it in a short time.

Regardless of your choice, they will all come as a bundle including software. Either Virtual DJ, Traktor or Serato.

We have a  DJ Controller Guide  page which you can find different types and prices. You can also consider other brands like Reloop, Gemini or American Audio.

Being a digital DJ is not only about computer software. Some hardware allows you to play music directly from USB sources which are also all-in-one players including CD play, USB media and MIDI control functions. This is an option for those who want a piece of everything in DJ’ing. Pioneer XDJ-R1 is a perfect example.




Easy to choose from a variety of sources. Doesn’t cost a lot. You may already have one for personal use. What is special with DJ headphones is that the frequency range is wider with higher gain levels.

Keep in mind, when you DJ at a party or club, there will be extensive sound levels making it hard to monitor your tracks. That’s why we recommend professional headphones designed for DJs.

Sony, Pioneer and Denon are the most preferred brands.


Why Do DJs Need Monitor Speakers




Any type of home theatre system or computer speakers are fine for home use. Combinations including subwoofers are a plus.

Especially beatmatching technique requires you to feel the kicks while mixing, therefore bass sound is essential for your audio system.

If you’re building a complete setup and looking for DJ or studio monitor speakers, check out M-Audio, Mackie, Pioneer, KRK or Yamaha.

Self powered speakers are always better choices. They are perfectly tuned and optimized with built-in amplifiers.


What Should A DJ Wear ?




For initial setup, most common type of cable is RCA. All controllers have RCA connections available. They are usually colored red, white and yellow.

Red and white plugs are meant for audio and yellow is usually for video connection.

RCA is an unbalanced cable type. Professional DJ gear is equipped with other audio input or output options like 1/4 inch or XLR which are balanced connections and provide better sound quality.

Check your controller to see which options you have. You may change your cable or add another one later for your real DJ gigs depending on what sound system you’re connecting to.

The above 5 are the basic pieces of a typical digital DJ setup. What other add-ons do you have or plan to use ? Share with us.



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