How Does A Color Display On Your Controller Help You DJ Better


A laptop computer is the heart of a digital DJ setup unless you have one of the few “all-in-one” systems like Pioneer XDJ-R1 or Numark iDJ Pro.

Your computer runs the software, processes the sound and acts as a bridge between your hands and music.

For those who are not familiar, let me remind you that a digital DJ sometimes focuses more on the laptop screen than his control device, in order to select songs from library or cue the track.

I wonder how much of the total time we spend in the booth is for checking on our screen. I bet a lot.

I used to have Denon DJ media players in the past which had built-in displays like CD players. They were not as advanced as the ones sold in the market today. I mean they were not full colored or integrated with my DJ software on the computer.

Nowadays, we get controllers like Numark NV, Traktor Kontrol S8 or D2 that come with high-resolution and full colored displays natively compatible with the matching software. What does that mean ? Let me explain.

The new generation color screens on latest model DJ controllers display all necessary data streaming from your software, like waveforms, BPM information, playlists and more. You basically don’t need to look at your laptop anymore. Simply fold it away.



As of today, Native Instruments and Serato have teamed up with manufacturers for advanced DJ control devices, natively integrating their on-board displays with Traktor and Serato DJ software. This is something fairly new and a big step up for DJ’ing world. Eliminating a laptop computer from DJ performance definitely helps you focus on your control surface more efficiently.

You may ask, “Why would I need such a controller, I already have my laptop and see everything on it”. Well, once you’re behind the wheel, it turns into a distraction. Especially in small DJ booths, you may have to place your computer on the side or away from the controller and end up looking at it every ten seconds by turning your head. That’s not really “practical”.

Having all necessary components in sight is a huge convenience for DJs, without looking up and down or sideways during mixing. That’s the whole purpose of these new DJ controllers with built-in displays.

Despite older versions running on an embedded firmware, these new controllers with displays receive all data from your computer and don’t have the risk of crashing or being in need of frequent update.

If you are in the market for a new DJ controller or thinking of an upgrade, why not consider one of these new generation devices.




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