Can Mobile DJ'ing Be A One-Man Job ?Being a mobile DJ requires a lot of man power and hours of preparation before the gig. I wrote about all these in my previous articles like ” Being A Wedding DJ “.

Why is it so much work ? Let me summarize. Sign a contract with client, meet them to talk about the ceremony flow, song selections, special requests, etc. This sometimes takes a day or two. Prepare your setup before the party, load, unload, set up and break down before and after. Pre gig work is relatively easy, but can’t say the same thing for the day it happens.

What I told above usually applies to a fully equipped wedding ceremony. If you get a private party gig which is more casual, then perhaps you do less work, but still, it may require you to bring sound and lighting gear to the venue you perform. Mobile DJ’ing is mostly about your own setup.

What I’m trying to tell you here is that you spend a lot of time and effort to complete the job you commit. It is nothing like DJ’ing at the corner bar.


Can One Person Do All These Alone ?


Setting up a DJ booth, sound system and the party lights usually takes an hour or even more at the venue. Think about a truss system you use to mount your lights and wire them all the way to your control panel in a huge wedding hall. Also speakers to be put on stands require muscle power. You may need to secure your cables on the floor with tape so that nobody steps and trips over them. Sound check, lighting check, troubleshooting any possible problems on your system. All mean man power and time.

What about during the party ? Things you wouldn’t even imagine happen while you spin your tunes right at the peak of it. You can’t leave your booth, what happens then ? That’s when you desperately need a second hand to take care of it. I’m telling you all these by experience.

End of the party. You end up standing on foot for 7-8 hours and pretty tired. It takes another hour or so to break down all the gear and load back to the vehicle you bring them in. Oh man, it’s a killer ! You don’t even feel your toes anymore 🙂 Your legs burn all the way up your waist.

We now come to the answer of that big question, is mobile DJ’ing a one-man job ? You can imagine what I will say already, of course no ! It is extremely difficult for one person to handle all the work done for a wedding or private party. There has to be a second man to help you for any and every step of it. That person also handles the MC job, most of the time.


The Verdict


Mobile DJ’ing requires more than one person because of the event’s nature and the amount of gear and process time. If you plan to being one, it’s a great idea to find someone who is qualified for the task and easy to get along with, probably a friend of yours.




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