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Pursuing any career naturally needs a combination of skills, education, practice and knowledge. Regardless of what field it is in, people spend time and effort to improve themselves to achieve success and business reputation.

Being a DJ is no different from other professions as many people make a living and build a career by simply mixing tracks in a professional manner.

It surely depends on a good level of training and improving yourself individually, also a certain amount of time thru it, about being a master of decks.

Visual observation is an important part of learning how to DJ. Combining what you hear and see helps understanding the basics, even tiny little details of mixing and using equipment.

What do I mean by that ?

You hear a DJ mixing perfect and wanna know how. Only listening will not help. You need to see the DJ performing and listen at the same time, so you can figure out how he or she uses hands over equipment to control the music.

Although DJs have their own styles, there is a certain way music is played and mixed. Whether it is scratching, beat matching or any other method, principal is all the same.

Learning mixing is a time-consuming process with all those numerous functions on the mixer, controller, sound system or the software.

If you choose to try and find it out yourself, beware that you’d need a lot of time to go thru all, search and learn all the DJ’ing specific terms which might sound really confusing at the beginning.

Take a look at a DJ mixer and controller. You see a whole bunch of buttons, faders and switches. I can hear you saying ” What the heck are all these for ?”. Looks pretty messed up, right ?

Actually it’s not, once you get familiar with the interface of your devices. But as I said before, learning time frame gets longer.

By experience, I highly recommend everybody to go thru some kind of training to eliminate the hassle of DIY way and spend weeks and months of exploring and choosing the “trial and error” path for DJ’ing.

Years ago, I chose to learn it myself and had to go to clubs, stand there and watch other DJs (not exaggerating) for 2 years just to find out how mixing and beat matching was done.

There are different options of getting training, either by attending DJ schools (you can find comprehensive listings on our website) or visual course sets (also on our website) if you prefer doing it at home.

Either way will make it much easier and quicker for beginners to learn it from professionals and advance in their careers.

Learn the best, be the best..

Happy DJ’ing 😉



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