Don’t let the title fool you, it’s not me 🙂 But is it you, or do you feel like that ? Let’s talk about it.

If you’re reading this post, it means that the question is somehow travelling in your mind and bugging you. I don’t blame anybody concerned about his or her age while still carrying the passion for music and DJ’ing inside them. That’s actually the key to success in this profession regardless of how old you are.


What Age Is Old For A DJ ?


In my opinion, none. I’ve seen many people looking and acting younger in their 40’s and 50’s then the ones in 20’s. It’s all about what state of mind you’re in. Energy comes with motivation and that’s what keeps you alive in the booth. Maturity brings experience, hence putting you always one step ahead of others while making decisions.

I’m in my 40’s right now and started DJ’ing at 30, not kidding. I remember all those sleepless nights, standing on foot for hours, getting home with the first lights of the new day. I always had the energy, passion and the strength, in fact, still do. Because I love music and being a DJ ! More than that, I love entertaining others. When the floor is rocking and people dancing, that feeling and satisfaction I get is priceless.

There are so many out there still DJ’ing over 40 or 50 today. Some took a break for many years and then came back to the scene. Those stories are all over the net.

Here is another angle to look at. You don’t have to spin tunes at clubs where party goes until morning hours, to be an active DJ at later ages. There are many other fields and business opportunities you can take advantage of, as an ” Adult DJ” and still be succesful. What are those ? Let me explain.

You can DJ at private parties, lounges, weddings, sweet sixteen, corporate events and so on. In fact, there is always more money you can make by taking any of those events rather than spinning at clubs. Believe me, people prefer hiring older DJs at such parties and events, just because he or she can behave better and be more responsible for the duties they carry.

See, you actually step into a higher dimension in DJ’ing when you get older and have the chance to earn better than before. Never convince yourself that being a DJ has anything to do with age. It’s all in your mind and soul.

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