3 Habits Of Bad DJ'ingWhat defines a DJ good or bad ? Music ? Mixing ? Attitude ? Equipment ? I can count more. You like a DJ and the tunes he plays for many reasons, or just the opposite. I mean, you don’t like him for many other. Today, I will write about three habits of DJs which make them ” bad “. These are my opinions, they are subject to differ from one to another.

Being in an environment where DJ plays music and enjoying it is all about how you feel yourself. The way he mixes, tunes he picks, attitude and so on. Out of all these, these three bad habits can ruin all the vibe in the room and clear the dance floor. What are they ? Let’s take a look.



Bad Timing


When you play a song is as important as what you play. All experienced DJs know this. You don’t just drop a top 40 track or a hit tune at the beginning of your gig. It consumes a lot of energy in the crowd and early in the night, they are not ready for it. DJ needs to warm up the music to be able to rock the floor with his best tunes.

So, playing wrong music at the wrong time is a huge ” BAD ” habit. Naturally, DJs sticking with this kind of performance error would not last long in the scene. Keep this in mind and don’t do it.



Same Genre


I never get it. There is a blend of audience in front of you, with a variety of demographics and they all like different styles. You as a DJ, insist on playing the same genre or style for a long long time, just because it’s your preference and favorite. A big ” No No No ” ! A professional DJ has to have all kinds of tunes and tracks in his library and they have to be played throughout the night. You can’t expect everybody to enjoy a specific genre, especially where they come and spend money to have a good night.

Best practice about entertaining the whole crowd is to play sets of different genres for 20-30 minutes at a time. Then, change it. Switch from fast to slow or from American to Latin. Do something !



Bad Sound


This is my favorite ” Bad Habit “. High quality sound and the amount of volume play a big role on how successful your gig is, besides music. Some DJs are not aware of the situation, though. Distortion, sudden changes in volume, unnecessary high levels when the floor is empty, etc.

Let me give you a hint. If there is no dancing involved at your gig, the amount of volume should not interfere with the crowd’s ” conversation ” level. I mean, people should be able to hear each other when talking, without yelling.

On the other hand, if it’s a rocking party, there should not be any distortion on your sound system, by means of maxing out the gain and speakers. You as a DJ, need to know when to increase the volume and how to do it. Low at the beginning and gradually higher later on. You can read one of my previous articles about setting up volume on your DJ setup, if needed.


There are more to talk about, I just told you three of them today. If you want to have a great gig and please your crowd with the best performance possible, stay away from these bad habits which can blow your DJ’ing career.




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